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Digital Frequency Meter, frequency Digital Meter


Indotech Digital Frequency Meter – Indotech Frequency Meter Digital is a general purpose instrument that displays the frequency of a periodic electrical signal to an accuracy of three decimal places. It counts the number events occurring within the oscillations during a given interval of time. As the preset period gets completed, the value in the counter display on the screen and the counter reset to zero. Various types of instruments are available which operates at a fixed or variable frequency. But if we operate any frequency meter at different frequencies than the specified range, it could carry out abnormally. For measuring low frequencies, we usually use deflection type meters. The deflection of the pointer on the scale shows the change in frequency. The deflection type instruments are of two types: one is electrically resonant circuits, and other is ratio meter.

TYPE OF METER: Digital Frequency Meter

Indotech Digital Frequency Meter

  • 4 levels of display brightness
  • Splash proof front
  • Manual sleep mode blanks display for power conservation



  • 30 to 70Hz. Line(Mains)
  • 10 to 100Hz
  • 10 to 1000Hz.

Note :

  • Indotech DF Meter meter are available in 72 x 72, 96×96 & 144×144 mm Square.
  • Refer Price list for more details regarding models/ranges available.