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Digital Electric Energy Meter Three Phase “LCD Type” – The meter which is used for measuring the power of three phase supply is known as the three phase energy meter. The three phase meter is constructed by connecting the two single phase meter through the shaft. The total energy is the sum of the reading of both the elements. The torque of both the elements is added mechanically, and the total rotation of the shaft is proportional to the three phase energy consumption.

Digital Energy Meter Single Three Meter: We are one of the leading manufacturer of Electrical & Electronic Panel Meters &
accessories for the last more than four decades . We have a team of skilled professionals who are experts in the line. The instruments are tested & gauged at every level of manufacturing to get the best performance.
MOUNTING : It is projection type which can be mounted on the wall. NO panel cut out is required .
‘‘INDOTECH’’ has developed Digital kWh Meters required for the Residential, Commercial & Industrial purposes.
DESIGN : “INDOTECH” kWh Meters are elegant in design in design with selective circuitry based on micro-controller technology.
DISPLAY : It is available in LCD type & Counter Type

  • Stepper Motor counter display
  • Export Quality with Multi function Display: Digital LCD display with back-light
  • Displays various electrical parameters like electric consumption (Kwh), Voltage(V), Current(I), Power-factor(PF), Load (kw/kva), Frequency(Hz) on press of button
  • Copper connections Surge resistant and tamper proof with magnetic shielding· Sustained accuracy over long period of time
  • Low power consumption· High insulation and dielectric strength· Poly-carbonate enclosure which is UV protected, flame retardant.  Analog Electric Energy Meter Three Phase


Dynamo-meter instruments for measurement of absolute power in Single Phase and Three phase systems for balanced/unbalanced load conditions.
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ACCURACYClass 1.0 as per IS 13779 - 1999
RANGEThis specification covers the following for Single Phase 240 V, 10A-60 A Static Watt hour smart meters of accuracy class 1.0 with plug in communication modules (RF mesh only and RF + Cellular technology) and integrated load control switches
STANDARDIEC 1107 standard, ANSI standard, PACT standard from secure meters and Modbus standard

Note :

  • Current and 110, 220 or 440 V for 1 phase & 3 phase supply & load.
  • Refer Price list for more details regarding models/ranges available.